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The Dakota Classic


June 17 – 20, 2022


Tourney Rules


*Umpire’s decision is final-there will not be any appeals beyond the umpires.

*Any coach or player ejected is ineligible for the following game.  Please read this and understand it.  We seem to have an issue each year.  Let’s display sportsmanship.

*Major league baseball rules apply other than the following:

*Run rules-12 after 4         8 after 5

*No time limit

                        *No ties

                        *D.H. for pitcher only

                        *Courtesy runner for pitchers and catchers.

                        *Re-entry for starters (one re-entry)

                        *American Legion sliding rule

            *American Legion pitch count rules apply

                        *Ten-minute infield for each team’s first game of the day.


Tourney Format


The format of the tournament will be to have a championship bracket of 8 teams, the 7 pools champs and a wild card.


Pre-game coin flips will determine the home team for that game, provided however, when a host team plays, that host team shall have the option to be the home team (e.g. Brandon, SF East, SF West, Harrisburg, Lennox and Renner).   Host teams are NOT automatically home team in the Quarterfinals, Semifinals, or Championship.  Better seed is the home team in the QFinals, SFinals or Championship.  Better seed is determined below.


The quarterfinals will start on Sun night to make sure no team plays three times any day. 


If any of the host teams play each other in the quarterfinal game, then the better seed is host.


The quarterfinal games will be as follows (higher seed is home team):

Brandon Valley 5 pm Sunday night          Brandon site winner vs Lennox site winner

Augustana         5 pm Sunday night          Augie site winner vs Wild Card

Renner                5 pm Sunday night          Renner site winner vs SF East site winner

Harrisburg site  5 pm Sunday night          Harrisburg site winner vs SF West site winner

The semifinal games will be as follows (higher seed is home team):

Augustana         9 am Monday morning  Augie QF winner vs Renner QF winner

Augustana         11 am Mon morning      Harrisburg QF winner vs BV QF winner

Championship game follows semifinals games at Augustana Monday afternoon


Tie Breaker for Pool Play/Wild Card:


  1. Better record
  2. Head-to-Head Record
  3. Fewest Runs Allowed
  4. Most Runs Scored
  5. Run Differential
  6. Coin Flip



2022 Dakota Classic

35 teams/7 pools

June 17-June 20