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Calendar Sponsorship

2023 Calendar Sponsorship

How it works

As mentioned at the commitment meetings, here is an update on our required fundraising event for our program.  In the past we had two separate fundraisers we required from our players and families which was the Super Bowl squares and Pork Feed/Cash raffle.  We have decided that we would combine those two fundraisers into one required fundraiser.  The Super Bowl squares will still be offered BUT not required. 

The one required fundraising event for this year will be soliciting donations for days on the calendar attached.   To help players fill the calendars we have added a cash raffle and the drawing to be held at the first legion home game approximately June 5th.  The deadline to turn in your money will be April 2nd, 2023.  Also, any amount raised in excess of the calendar equivalent can be applied 100% to player fees.  Below is an explanation and please feel free to contact me directly for clarification or explanation of this event either by email or phone, or 605 360 1543.  Thank you.


We are replacing the required Super Bowl and Pork Feed/Raffle with 1 required calendar sponsorship fundraiser.



Each family needs to sell all calendar days on the calendar. (i.e. 1st = $1, 15th = $15, 30th = $30, etc.) Bonus is additional not necessary


Money raised over the 31 days can be applied to player fees



Calendar and money are due 4/2/2023



Any sponsor will receive the equivalent of their donation into a cash raffle.  $1 = 1 entry


Grand Prize



1st Prize



2nd prize



3rd Prize



* ex Bob buys day 1,2,3,14th = $20  receives 20 entries into the cash raffle


* ex Larry buys day 4 and 12 = $16  receives 16 entries into the cash raffle


* ex Eric buys day 1st = $1 receives 1 entry into the cash raffle


Bonus days can be any amount and will receive entries that equal the amount donated.


Please provide a name and phone number with each sponsor so we can contact them if they win.



Drawing will be at a home Legion home baseball game early June



Money can be venmoed (Post-Baseball-1) description labeled "with player name and "calendar"  


or can mail to Dan Rausch, 4408 S Yellowstone Lane, Sioux Falls, SD  57105 (player name and calendar in memo line)


Calendar and cash raffle list can be emailed to Eric (