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try out dates set

The following dates have been set to try out for a Post 307 Baseball team for the 2020 season:

Legion/Jr Legion/15-16 Dukes                      Sept 8 (Sunday)       8:00 to 11:30 am

13U and 14U                                                            Sept 15 (Sunday)      8:00 to 11:30 am

Try outs are at Renner Ball Park.

Players that try out for a Post 307 2020 team but played on another team in 2019 will be required to pay a try out fee of $100 (which will be applied toward the 2020 player fee - the fee is forfeited if the player decides not to play in 2020 for Post 307 team. 

Returning players or 13U players trying out for the 1st time will NOT be required to pay the $100 try out fee.

Please pre-register at the link above or here:  

If you are unable to attend on the date above, please contact Stephen Oswald at (605) 929-2640


2019 Season Results

Legion (Royals)                                 STATE CHAMPIONS                  39-24 season record        A "Final 4 team" at Central Plains Tourney (2-2)

Jr Legion (Kings)                              STATE CHAMPIONS                 36-13 season record

15/16 Dukes                                      STATE CHAMPIONS                 44-14 season record

14U Black                                            STATE Semifinalist                      18-24-1 season record

13U Blue                                                                                                                37-6 season record

13U White                                                                                                            10-21-1 season record

Jesse Loving working at the Miracle League game on May 24, 2018

Bat Rules for 2019

Baseball Pants for Games

All teams will wear the same style of baseball pants as last season. 

Parents to provide the baseball pants, which are:

  • white and gray pants (both with blue stripe) for 13U and 14U  
  • white and gray pants (both with blue strip) for 15/16, Jr Legion and Legion
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Post 307 Baseball

Post 307 Baseball

Post 307 Baseball

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Post 307 Baseball Sponsors

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